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I’m an aeronautical engineer with a big passion for sports and the bike particularly, specially pedaled. I like to spend time in the open as much as a I can and I love traveling with my bike. From this perspective it’s easier to think about new products, improvements or the different ways the bike can change your life and make it better.


Cinelli has always been in close contact with all those elements of the society that can influence the attitudes and put the seeds for changes: art – music – literature – design - new technologies. Social medias has given a great help to collect informations and is easier to follow those influencers that establish the future trends.

We make bicycles for the avid cyclist with high sensitivity to innovation, and for those emerging subcultures that generate new ways of cycling. Someone that is not scared by what is new but is attracted to it.

We are working on different projects but always trying to chase the goal of making the bike that doesn’t exist yet. This gives us the possibility to think always ahead respect the market.

The best part of my work is when I see people around me happy to use the products we do as much as I do. When this happens it means that we reached our goal. Finally we make toys to make life happier for those that play with them.

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