The bicycle that was missing, fine blend of cyclocross and touring, designed thanks to the experience gained during the Tour D’Afrique.

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The Bootleg

From the request for a special bike to ride the race across America, black in all the details except some reflective parts to be visible at night during the training sessions in the urban environment, a complete revolutionary urban line is born. The Bootleg family had 6 models at a certain point and has been of inspiration for many bike brands.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for hobootleg comes again from a race: the Tour d’Afrique. An incredible race from Cairo to cape town for 12.000km through 10 countries, 4 months along the sand of the deserts and dirt roads in the savannah mixed together with the hobo culture of the first American travellers that jumped on trains to explore the vast territories of the united states in search for adventure and freedom. In the beginning of the 20th century. The bike here represents the best way to recreate the spirit of those early explorers.

Making the Bootleg

The big innovation in this case is the reuse of steel for the manufacturing of the frame. Steel is the best material for a bike that must be reliable and easy to repair in case of need. The geometry of the frame allows a perfect control and hanlding of the bike even with heavy bags and allows to pedal for hours in total comfort and safety. The formation of rust is prevented thanks to a special treatment of electro deposition painitng that protects the tubes of the frame inside and outside. 

The experience of our riders at the Tour d’Afrique gave us the possibility to test the first prototypes and make the right improvements to have the perfect machine for a tour of the world trip or a week end in the wild.

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