Oct 11, 2018 0

Microwave Ashing System – An Advanced Laboratory Tool

As you all know that, so many laboratory types of equipment are needed in the lab right from muffle furnaces to temperature controller. The microwave ashing device is reckoned as an excellent alternative to the traditional electric muffle furnaces. 

This device will remain useful in the labs for various purposes. With no doubts, the laboratories can now make the fullest use of the microwave ashing device. The Microwave Ashing Device improves the efficiency of the process. This device enables rapid heating cycles and henceforth reduces the turnaround time for income samples.

The microwave ashing system dramatically enhances the existing ashing workflows. You do not need to spend more money in buying or operating the microwave ashing device. The device will never demand more energy or operating costs at all.

The microwave ashing device is solely designed for intensive laboratory use. If you want to buy this device for your laboratory usage, then you need to visit the store that sells good quality and durable microwave ashing device. You could find many stores to buy this laboratory tool. Among that, you should pay a visit to the store that has been in business for a long time.

Exclusive Features of the Microwave Ashing Device

When it is about buying a new device, people will look for its features. The features of the device will let you know how much it is going to be useful for you and what kind of benefits you can get by using this device. The features of the microwave ashing furnace are as follows,

• A variety of different samples can be processed by this device

• Exposure to flames, heat, and fumes will be greatly reduced

• The device is extremely safe to use

• Any type of crucible can be used in this device including quartz, metal, porcelain and more

• Ashing time will be lessened by up to 97%, so you do not need to wait for hours for ashing

• Consumption of energy will be lessened

• You can experience fast heating with this device. This device requires only 8 minutes to heat the samples.

• This device can intake samples round the clock

If you can enjoy all these features, you can definitely choose to buy the microwave ashing device for your lab.

Benefits of the Microwave Ashing Device

• No one wants to waste their precious time. If that is the case with you, you should use the microwave ashing device as this is a time-saver. Yes, you can heat 8 to 12 samples at the same time and the reaction times for these samples will be less than an hour.

• The consumption of acid is lower.

• The digestion time depends on the temperature. The open digestions are limited to boiling points of the acids and the closed digestions can be processed at an extreme temperature around 250 to 300 degree Celsius.

• No more risks of contamination as it is a closed digestion.

• The device has the ability to withstand high pressure.

• Highly efficient.