May 16, 2017 863

Cameras are always with me

My name is Yuya Matsuo. I am a photographer who has been traveling Europe for the past several years. Ever since I started to travel, I have been a fan of Sony cameras. I love their compactness, innovativeness, and versatility. For that reason, cameras are always with me when I am exploring.

I love traveling. By learning about other cultures and meeting new people, traveling opens your mind and makes you realize what you have surrounding you. I did not care about my Japanese culture when I was in Japan, but through traveling and exposing myself to the world I started to appreciate what I had in my country. I even started to learn about my culture and feel proud of it.

When I am out shooting, I always try to include the unique moment in the scene that no one can duplicate. I think that's what makes my photos memorable. I think of photography as a diary. When I look back at the photos that I was satisfied with, I can remember the exact scene I was in at the moment that I took the picture. The weather, surroundings, sounds, and settings bring back the memory and feelings I had at that moment.

I always attempt to send a positive message through my photos because there is enough negativity in the world. I hope, through my photos, I can make people interested in the place I visited, and also remind the locals of what they have, because living in one place for a long time can make you forget. I want them to see that what they have is beautiful.