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How to Attempt JEE Practice Tests the Right Way

Practice Tests are key to doing well in the real exam. They help us prepare for JEE.

The strategies we build during these practice tests are what we use in the exams. So, it is very important to know how to properly take these tests.

In this post, I will discuss the right approach to attempt JEE practice tests, so that you are well prepared for the final examination.

What Do Practice Tests Teach Us?

In the real JEE exam, we are not tested only on our concepts. JEE tests series schedule. our time management, ability to identify easy questions in the paper, and the ability to perform under stress.

We can train the same skills during the practice test. The most important lesson of a practice test is to learn…

How To Manage Time?

If you manage your time, you will reduce the stress. And feel comfortable during the test. The following strategy will help you develop this skill better.

1. Look at the total time. You will not use 10% of this time for solving questions. Keep this time for filling up answer boxes and other details.

2. Remove 5% of total time for revision. Now, you are left with 85% of the total time. Yes, you should aim for solving the paper in 85% of the total time. No more!

3. Divide the remaining time by the total number of questions. This is the time per question. Try to finish Chemistry questions before this time, because questions in Math will take longer.

Let us take an example. A JEE practice paper has 90 questions and 3 hours.

Using the above strategy, I have 85% of 180 mins = about 150 minutes to solve the paper.

So, my time per question is 150 / 90 = 1.6 minutes. So, I will try to finish most Chemistry questions in less than a minute, so that I can give more time to Math.

Always Go Through The Entire Paper First

All questions have same marks in JEE main test series. But some are easy and some are difficult. We need to train ourselves to be able to identify the easy ones and solve them first.

You do not want to spend too much time on a tough question and then miss out on some easy ones.

So, first skim the paper. Find out the easy ones and solve them first. Then go for round 2 and solve questions with moderate difficulty. Touch the hard ones at last.

This skill comes by practice, and the best training grounds are the practice tests. Finally…

Attempt a Section and Fill its OMR First

Everyone has a different strategy when it comes to filling OMRs. You do fill OMRs when you practice, right?

If not, go to the photocopy shop right now! And get some OMR sheets. Remember the goal of a practice test is to prepare and train for the real exam.

When people try to fill OMR all at once, they sometimes make a very careless mistake. Of filling up Physics Choices in Chemistry section, Chemistry in Maths etc.

Some others try to fill the option after solving every question. This is very time-consuming.

What I recommend is to attempt a section and fill its OMR. Then attempt another section and do the same. I have found this to be less error-prone.

So, that’s how you make the most out of your JEE practice tests. Train the Right Way to Perform the Best You Can.