Garbage collector at Pinterest. (currently collecting iOS garbage).

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In 2010 I was working for another startup about a team of 60 people. Things were pretty slow. Kind of a stable job but nothing was really exciting. Monotonous tasks, slow pace and what not. I used to spend a lot of time working on open source projects. Around this time Friendfeed was acquired by facebook and they open-sourced tornado which powered friendfeed. I was always fascinated about long polling and how to make your server asynchronous. So I went to this meet up to listen Bret Taylor talk about tornado. Ben who co-founded Pinterest was at that meetup looking to hire smart engineers. Ben said that I asked a lot of smart questions during the talk. So he approached me to pitch his idea and was interested to hire me. I met Ben about 2 times and he was really interested in working with me. I took about 4 weeks to make the decision. Thats how I got started working with Ben.  

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