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My team and I have over 100 years of combined experience finding, tasting and selecting fine wines for Michelin Star restaurants and wine enthusiasts.

Now, we’re here to select wines for you... 

Discover the extraordinary world of wine.
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We all want to discover better wine, but it’s hard know where to begin. We are making discovering great wine easier than ever with the launch of our exclusive new wine club, which delivers to your door monthly:

  • Extraordinary wines selected by our expert team. Only 1 in 20 make the cut
  • Rich stories that bring you closer to the wine, region and winemaker
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Your personal wine team

Sometimes unexpected, always unforgettable...

My most memorable wine experiences come from the recommendations of other passionate wine drinkers. The delight of discovering a new wine, a region, or flavor is what inspired me to journey forward through the over 50,000 wines I have tasted in my career. We are here to inspire you with that next great bottle, sometimes unexpected, always unforgettable.

Since 1999 we have been proudly serving tens of thousands of the most discerning wine consumers in the country, seeking out hidden gems from the most coveted winemakers from around the world. Each month, my team and I will taste-select wines for you. We taste 20,000 wines each year to discover ones that will inspire you. 

Come explore the world of wine under the guidance of the most experienced wine team in the country.


Warm regards,

Matt Deller, Master of Wine

There are only 45 Masters of Wine in the US. Wine Access has two of them working to find extraordinary wines for you.