Jul 09, 2019 139

Bordeaux Imports Set

Discovery and Deals in Bordeaux and Beyond

The Stars of Our Month-Long Trip to Bordeaux

This past spring, we began a journey that took us to practically every corner of France’s most famous region. We had one goal: to bring back the best possible wines we could find. Of the over 500 bottles we tasted, these nine are the ones we couldn’t wait to share.

Every bottle earned its place on this list, and we are beyond proud to be able to offer them directly to you, before they even arrive in the United States. For the next 72 hours, we’re sharing them at case-buy prices on single bottles. We’re even offering an additional 5% discount on these wines as a set.

A showcase like this is why we flew to France in the first place: To discover wines that transmit what makes Bordeaux (and Cahors, too!) so exciting sip after sip, and—despite the fame of the region—so remarkably priced. 

Wine Set Includes