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5 Reasons

5 Reasons To Buy Your Wine From Wine Access

Limited production wines and the stories behind them

We are wine educators with decades of experience judging international wine competitions and curating wine lists at Michelin-star restaurants – working together to hand-select some of the world's best bottles from family-owned estates, legendary winemakers and coveted marquees.

1. We taste over 20,000 of the world's best bottles every year to choose the best wines for you. Less than 1%make the cut.

We visit with producers around the world to learn more about their wines, wineries and winemakers – bringing back the most captivating bottles for us each to taste. Each week we judge different vintages and if we all award a wine 90+ points and believe the bottle is worth more than it costs, we offer it to you.

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2. You'll enjoy access to wines typically reserved for industry insiders and Michelin-star restaurants.

We know the right people in the wine industry. Vintners at unmapped wineries who bottle the best wines in the world and winemakers behind some of the world's most iconic brands.

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3. Every bottle has a story.

Every wine’s flavor is a reflection of its upbringing. That’s why we give you the whole story: where it came from, how we found it and what makes it truly extraordinary.

4. Your wine arrives in the same condition it left the winery.

It doesn't matter how remarkable the wine is if it doesn’t make it to your door in the same condition as it left the winery. That's why we use a weather controlled shipping system with detailed regional data to ensure your order arrives in the same condition as when it left the winery and is delivered when you can be there to pick it up.

5. Any bottle that fails to impress is on us!

A wine's story isn't complete until the bottle is empty. Meaning everything we do is all-for-nothing if you don’t love the wine – if the experience of drinking it isn’t extraordinary.