Jul 16, 2017 1084

My One and Only

In 1998 my daughter gave me a classic 101 wallet as a gift.  After five years of use, my wife purchased me a new wallet while vacationing in Italy.  It was a finely crafted Italian leather wallet.  I excitedly changed all of my contents over to the new wallet and discarded the ghurka in the trash.  After just one day of travel I realized that I needed to pull my old wallet out of the trash.  I had missed the comfort and ease of my old ghurka.    After many years of use and trying many other finely crafted wallets, nothing ever compared to the  gift that my daughter gave me .  My wallet has been in the ocean, in the trash twice, and has been saturated with perspiration from a hard days work and remains my One and Only.  After 19 years of use, I am ready to surrender my old friend and purchase a new 101.

William R Harding