May 08, 2017 58

Finding My Passion w/ Sony

Last year, I celebrated my 50th Birthday in Venice Italy.  At the time, I traveled with the Canon 5DMKIII and had recently purchased the Sony A6300 to replace my Canon 70D.  Innocently, I handed the 6300 over to my girlfriend, Lesa who put down her Canon T3i in favor of experimenting with the Sony. On our first full day I booked a Private Photo Walking Tour where I shot with the Canon and  Lesa used the Sony.  I found that she was consistently able to get quality shot thats were on par with my Canon and walking an average of 9 miles on the trip, she was definitely dealing with the more portable setup.  On the second day she took THIS shot of the Grand Canal with the Sony and I was convinced (she was a day earlier) that Sony had a gem in the A6300.  Not soon after our return I spent countless hours shooting with the Sony and watching Youtube videos studying not only the 6300 but also the A7RII.  I then scheduled another trip to test the 6300 where I produced the second image from the Ozark Scenic River-ways.  There was no turning back from this point.  I traded my 5DMKIII prior to my Arizona trip the same year where I shot the third image with the A7RII and an adapted Canon 70-200 F/2.8.  I have not even thought about looking back.  In fact I've now traded all my Canon glass for Sony and even picked up my first Macro Lens and produced the final image earlier this year.  I've now been shooting for 5 years and Sony has made me more passionate about life found my passion for photography. This is my Sony Story...s