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You Will Never Believe These Facts of Malmo.

Home to tallest building, contemporary museums, beautiful parks and delicious cuisine, Malmo is third largest city of Sweden. Known as City of Parks, it is home to 300, 000 people speaking 150 different languages and roots with 174 countries which makes it multicultural metropolis. With Italian coffee culture and Middle Eastern street stalls, the city has multicultural past. Old Town (Gamla Staden) is heart of the city and castle Malmohus Slott stands proud in leafy park setting. If talking about architecture, Turning Tarso is remarkable building which has got world’s attention due to its uniqueness. Apart from all this, there are many other facts as well which you probably don’t know:

1. City to work and live in

Malmo has Europe’s best infrastructure, unparalleled investment opportunities and brightest brains. The major industrial sectors based on R & D supported retail, private services, construction and property. The city has access to sea and has important routes to and from Scandinavia, which makes this city perfect base for business. It also offers first class infrastructure and variety of attractive locations.

2. Expanding City

City’s population increased for 28th year in row. In April 2011, it passed the figure of 300,000 inhabitants and in 2013, it had 312, 400 residents. By 2018, the city is expected to have approximately 338,400 inhabitants.

3. Biggest Employer

With 20,100 employees, Malmo is biggest employer. 26% works in Health and Social Care and 39% in Childcare and Schools. 65% locals work at workplaces with fewer than 100 employees. The unemployment rate is 15.3%; women unemployment is lower than men – 13.7% for women and 16.7% for men.

4. Cycle friendly and compact city

In Malmo, everything is close hand, no more than 10KM from centre of the city. There are about 490 KM of cycle paths in the city. Also, there are long beaches with good water quality at walking or cycling distance of the centre. Approximately 2000 berths for boats are placed by coast of city.

5. Inbound commuting

Since 2013, this city is divided into five urban areas and now has 10 urban areas. All these urban areas are well connected. In 2011, there are about 158,300 jobs in Malmo. Everyday 61,900 people commute into Malmo for work and 28,400 residents commute to other places. Of all jobs, 15% are in Trade sector, 9% in Education, 13% in Social Care and Health together.

How to reach here?

If you are coming from other nation, then there are many flights flying to Malmo such as KLM airlines, et al. So while booking your seat with any airline may it be with KLM airlines reservations online or any other airline, make sure that you are saving some bucks to spend in this beautiful city