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The Glue Sticks And Which One You Should Choose

Hot melt adhesives are also termed as hot glue. They are a kind of thermoplastic adhesives and used and sold in the form of solid cylindrical sticks of different diameters. The cylindrical sticks are uploaded in the chamber of the glue gun, where it is melted through a heating element with the squeeze of the trigger. The glue flows through the nozzle of the glue gun and is applied on the required surfaces. The hot melt glue has a number of advantages. There are no curing steps required and the volatile organic compounds are also eliminated. Glue sticks have a long shelf life and can be disposed of without any special or regulatory precautions. These adhesives prove to be a more cost-effective option when compare to the solvents and provide faster results.


Hot melt glue sticks may be composed of a base material along with certain additives. EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), Ethyl Acrylate copolymers, Polyolefins, Polyamides, and Polyesters are some substances that form the base material. Additives may be used for increasing the tackiness and for other purposes. These include the tackfying resins, waxes, antioxidants, UV stabilizers, plasticizers, flame retardants and other kinds of additives.

Selection of the proper hot melt adhesive is important for binding surfaces successfully. The hot melt adhesive sticks used in a hot melt glue gun have the immense capability. They provide strong bonds that can last for years. But within the category, you need to properly inspect the qualities of glue or talk to a leading supplier who will suggest to you a glue stick and adhesive that will be best for the project you have at hand.

a. Some glues work well with substances including textiles, wood, fabric, and rubber. Other hot melt adhesives are used for bonding concrete, plastics, ceramics, and glass. Certain adhesives have also been created and are being sold which are used to bond different kinds of surfaces together, for instance, metal and rubber.

b. Certain hot melt adhesives are created specifically for electrical applications. They can provide protection against radio frequency interference, electrostatic discharge, and human electromagnetic interference.

c. Certain adhesives are used for bonding textiles. They are also termed as a thread-locking adhesive and can connect the different textiles, which may be prone to problems including loosening (because of vibration).

d. Choosing the right kind of hot melt adhesive and analysis of the optical, thermal, mechanical, and electrical attributes may be required.

Choosing the Right Glue Stick Size

Once you are aware of the kind of hot melt adhesive you are looking for, you also need to consider the size of the glue stick. It should be in proportion to the glue gun that you will use for the project. Some of the commonly used hot melt adhesive stick sizes include:

●1/2 ‘’ or 7/16 ‘’ (12 mm)

●5/8 ‘’ (15mm)- provide for high glue dispensing

●3/4 ‘’

●1’’ x 3’’

●1 3/4 ‘’ x 1 3/4 ‘’ (43 mm)- for the high output applications in industry. Used extensively in packaging and product assembly

Remember that hot melt adhesives are used in hot-melt high-temperature glue gun while the low-melt adhesives (used for the craft and paper projects) are used in low melt glue guns. Talk to a leading supplier to know more about the hot-melt-adhesive options available to you. Hot glue gun price in India is also quite affordable.