Jul 30, 2018 14

5 Benefits of Using Refurbished Phones that You Can’t Argue Against

There are two schools of thought here when it comes to purchasing an iPhone or Android smartphone. One says buy new while the other says go for a refurbished ones. If you are planning to buy a smartphone like a refurbished iPhone 7 in the UK, read on to know the five strong benefits.

Opting for refurbished iPhone 7 in the UK, or for that matter any other phone or brand, should be an easy choice as the model remains the same. The only difference is instead of a brand-new handset, you are getting one which may have been used by others. Phones are often returned because a minor change in a part or are exchanged for a newer model in the market. When there are hardware issues, the company actions them or replaces part with originals. With these amazing benefits of using refurbished phones, there’s hardly any reason that you would be able to find to say no to them.

1) Major Difference in Pricing

When you buy a refurbished smartphone, android or an iPhone, get ready to pay a price which suits your budget. No need to dip into your savings, or take on loans to purchase a phone you fancy or require. For example, an original iPhone 7 may cost 800 pounds. But, if you opt for a refurbished one, the prices could be 650 pounds or lower. Consider the amount of money you can save!

2) Reliable Support from Seller

Most people wrongly assume refurbished phones are sold only by black marketers. The truth is many sellers are authorized by the brands to sell their refurbished phones. It is highly recommended choosing a seller or vendor with the right authorizations. You do not need to go looking for brick and mortar stores – you can easily get a refurbished iPhone 7 UK online.

3) Ability to Claim Warranty

This is one amazing benefit that you can never argue against – refurbished phones come with a limited warranty. The warranty period could vary anywhere from three months to one year based on the seller, the model and condition of the phone being purchased. Any issues will be sorted out during this period and replacements are provided as per the terms and conditions.

4) Unbelievably Good Condition of Phones

Most buyers assume used phones will be worn out, have scratches on the display or damaged internal parts. It is a common misconception because sometimes the refurbished Android phones in UK are just unboxed phones returned to the store or new models exchanged for a different one within a few months of use. A good seller will give you the exact details of the phone’s functioning.

5) Contributing to the Environment

When you buy a refurbished phone, you are making use of a gadget which would otherwise end up in a landfill. It also means the company or brand has to produce one less phone, which further reduces the burden on the environment. This may seem like a small step, but it follows the principles of recycling – reduce & reuse.

Final Words

Buying a refurbished smartphone, be it Android or iPhone, is a great idea as can be seen from the above mentioned benefits. For the buyers, it’s an obvious choice as it helps them save money on a mobile they are inclined to use. In the end, it is a situation that will immensely benefit the buyer!