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How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used?

Every industry has a demand for Artificial Capabilities. With time, AI has replaced manpower, especially in the question-answering systems for legal assistance, patent searches, medical research, and risk notifications. There are many other benefits of AI which we would be talking later in the article. Institutes are observing the increasing demand for AI and that is why they offer AI courses so that students can learn artificial intelligence and help the industries with their knowledge.

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Working together with AI

Artificial intelligence is not here to replace manpower. It augments our capabilities and makes us produce better output. AI algorithms learn differently than us so they look at things differently. Our partnership with AI offers many opportunities. It can:

• Bring analytics to industries where it’s currently underutilized.

• Improve the performance of existing analytic technologies

• Break down economic barriers like language and translation

• Augment existing abilities of industries and make us better at what we do.

• Give us better vision and better understanding and much more

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Health care industries and AI

AI application provides personalized medicine and X-ray reading. Personal health care assistants act as a reminder to help you eat pills on time, exercise and eating healthy.

Manufacturing Industries and AI

AI analyses factory IoT data from connected equipment to forecast expected load and requirements using recurrent networks which is a specific type learning network.

Retail and AI

AI offers virtual shopping capabilities for personal recommendations for purchasing option with the consumers. Stock management and site layout technologies are also improved using AI.

Banking and AI

Artificial intelligence enhances the effectiveness of human efforts. In financial institutions, AI is very useful in identifying transactions that are likely to be fraudulent, etc. It also helps in accurate credit scoring along with automating intense data management tasks.

What are the challenges of using AI?

AI has changed the working style of many industries and helped a lot in management but we also need to understand its limits. The biggest limitation is that it learns from data and there is no other way to incorporate knowledge in it. That means if there are any inaccuracies in the data it will be reflected in the output. Therefore, we can afford to do any mistakes and flaws in the data.

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