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7 Interesting Facts About Women Sarees

Nowadays, we see that fashion designers are getting creative with saree design and the ways of draping it. In the city like Dubai, sarees are closely attached with culture and religion. In some part, there is a tradition of wearing a nine-yard saree. Earlier, women would wear nine-yard sarees only. It is difficult for ladies to wrap such a long sarees. Today’s women feel inconvenient in wearing nine yard sarees, so they prefer choosing six-yard sarees. Keeping that in mind, designers have also starting making women sarees in UAE of six yard.

In this blog, we are telling some interesting facts of sarees so that when you go for shopping, you have a sense of pride.

Sari or Saree

The word, Sari has been taken from the Sanskrit word ‘sati’. Sati is referred to as a strip of cloth.

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Do you know that this long piece of cloth does carry a lot of history that can be traced all the way back to the Indus valley civilization (2800–1800 BC) - a time when clothes were made from cotton.


Saree originated from three-piece attire which is known as:

1. Uttariya veil (worn over shoulder or head)

2. Antariya (lower garment)

3. Stanapatta a chestband.

This complete three-piece dress was earlier known as Poshak. Poshak is a Sanskrit word, which means a dress or costume.

Draping Sarees

Do you know whether there are more than 80 ways of draping a saree? Yes, women can wear a saree in more than eighty ways. Not all women but every city and country has its own way of wearing sarees.

Tight bodices or cholis

Tight bodices or cholis have evolved between 2nd century B.C.and 6th century A.D. In earlier days, cholis were front covering, which was tied at the back.

Sarees in Dubai

Since the time immemorial, Sarees have made a great place in women’s heart. On any festivals, special occasions, or other events wearing sarees is considered good. Besides, women also love to wear sarees.

With the changing time, the designs, size, colors have changes. Today, women can sarees in Dubai in a variety of colors and designs. You can choose a wide collection by using the internet and they are easy to wear unlike decades ago.

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Purchasing Online Sarees in Dubai

Many shops have stared providing sarees online in Dubai. So, there is nothing to worry about buying your favorite sarees. You can choose avariety of designs. You can select them by colors, theme designs, sizes, and much more.