Nov 22, 2018 0

Here's Why You Might Be Having Trouble Sleeping

You might often find yourself tossing and turning in bed, or staring at the ceiling all night. This can be because of a sleep disorder or other stress-related issues like anxiety and depression. But many a times, trouble in falling asleep can be because of other lifestyle habits. It is important to recognize them to solve these problems at your end.

Some of the reasons why you might be having trouble sleeping are as follows:

1. Inconsistent schedule

It is essential to sleep and wake up at a particular time to maintain the sleep cycle you have. Otherwise your body cannot get the rest it needs. A regular sleep schedule can keep your internal clock synchronized, so that you feel sleepy and wake up at the same time every day.

2. Uncomfortable nightwear

Never underestimate the role of a comfortable nightwear in providing a good night’s sleep. Be it night dress for honeymoon or regular pyjamas, make sure you buy something that fits you well and is comfortable while being in accordance to your mood. You can try websites like After Dark for top quality nightwear to ensure the quality and size of the outfit. If your nightwear is comfortable, it adds to the quality of your sleep and makes it more sound and enjoyable.

3. Light exposure

The light from your smartphone and laptop the entire day is unavoidable as it is for work and other purposes. However, when you’re in bed or preparing to go to bed, it is essential to switch everything off an hour before it as it can delay your sleep. It can lead to a disturbed sleep cycle that can prove to be difficult to overcome. This is the reason why it is advised to sleep with the lights off.

4. Stress

A stressful lifestyle is often the cause of disturbed sleep. Stress can cause your mind to overwork and postpone sleep. Overthinking and being anxious can also activate the fight or flight response in the body, thus leading to chronic stress. A relaxed mind always sleeps better because there is no anxiety ruining the peace of mind. Thus, meditation and yoga can help in achieving a good sleep.

5. Caffeine

Caffeine is known to boost energy levels, but what is lesser known is that it interferes with sleep. Consuming too much caffeine can lead to you tossing and turning in bed till you exhaust yourself beyond repair. It is also not great for your metabolism if taken in large quantities regularly. Hence, it is advisable to restrict your caffeine intake if you’re experiencing trouble with sleeping.

6. Late exercise

Exercise is important, but it is also essential to know when to exercise for the best result. If you exercise too close to the bedtime, it can lead to overstimulation, causing lack of sleep in the hours dedicated for sleeping. This usually happens because exercise alerts the body and mind making the body come out of its relaxed mood to cater to the increased activity and emotions. The only way to solve this is by fixing a particular time to exercise daily so that you can finish it off at a reasonable time and rest when required.

Buy nightwear online and do whatever it takes to improve your sleep and try to avoid things that might disturb your sleep, now that you know of them.