Dec 26, 2018 0

Christmas Gifts That Promote Rest And Relaxation

‘Tis the season to be merry and nothing makes us merrier than the gift of relaxation and peace. Caught in our fast-paced lives, it is more important than ever to catch a much-deserved break and end your day on a restful note – to reenergize your body and revitalize your spirit. Here are 5 perfect Christmas gifts to help your friends and family enjoy valuable me-time and feel at peace:

1. Essential Oils Diffuser

Add aromatherapy to your loved ones’ self-care routine to help them boost relaxation and say goodbye to stressful evenings. Ceramic diffusers not only make you feel instantly better but are also great décor additions to one’s space. Many diffusers today also come with remote powered light and sound abilities that can be altered to create a soothing effect. The quiet steamer of the diffuser can evenly distribute the scent of your favourite essential oil, giving you the feeling of being in a spa right from the comfort of your room. Lavender and Eucalyptus are popular favourites among all other essential oil fragrances because of their extra calming effect.

2. Sleepwear

What’s better than a good night’s sleep? Gift your favourite lady a gorgeous night suit for women, perfect to slip into and catch up on much-needed beauty sleep. Sleeping well is the most time-tested way to revive your body from stress and soothe your senses. Check out After Dark’s wide range of sleepwear and pick a piece that best matches your loved one’s taste and character.

3. Candles

Talking of relaxation and fragrances, it’s impossible to miss mentioning candles. Scented candles make for perfect gifts, especially during the festive season. This is a gift that anyone is bound to love, no matter his or her age or interest. You can shop for beautiful scented candles that not only smell great but also look amazing. Lighting up candles around the room invariably creates a peaceful, calming environment and infuses the room with a relaxing warm aroma.

4. Cosy slippers

With winter reaching its peak, there’s nothing that quite matches the feeling of slipping into cosy slippers or fuzzy socks. Help your loved ones say goodbye to winter blues with beautiful faux fur slippers or fuzzy socks. They’re made of super soft, comfortable fabric that matches with the women nightwear online that you plan to surprise her with to ensure that she feels loved and pampered the minute she slips into them.

5. Bath salts and toiletries

The best way to end a long day is to soak the stress away with a long, warm bath. This Christmas, gift your loved ones a care package filled with aromatic toiletries, bath salts, and bath bombs. This is the ideal way to get over a busy day and pamper your loved ones.

Choosing to gift rest and relaxation will undoubtedly put you in the list of best Christmas gift-givers this season. So take your pick from any of the above-mentioned options and let the gifting begin!