Jan 16, 2019 0

4 Sleepwear Types to Spend the Winters With Ease

Winters can be fun or they can be extremely uncomfortable—and this depends entirely on the type of clothes you wear. When it comes to sleepwear, both men and women deserve the best of nightwear so that they get a blissful sleep every night in the cruel season that is winter.

When selecting ladies night suit, it is essential for women to check if it fits them well. An extra tight nightwear can ruin sleep like nothing else. It is also important to explore all choices and then come up with the best one. For men, the options are more streamlined but it is still crucial to ensure the right material and fit as the nightwear plays a huge role in the kind of sleep you get. Moreover, many people now work from home and require all the comfort they can get at home.

Here are five types of sleepwear men and women should possess to ensure comfort during winters:

1. Silk Pyjamas

Silk pajamas work not just as a comfortable sleepwear, but also as a fashion statement. They are suave, beautiful and so darn comfortable! Silk as a fabric is also great for skin and ensures an uninterrupted sleep. Hence, silk pyjamas not only equip you with a whole lot of panache, but also offer you immense comfort and soothe your nerves as well. This can be worn by both men and women, though the fitting for each may be a little different. The fabric is ideal to be worn all season around.

2. Kaftan

If you are a little old-fashioned and like things classic and timeless, there is nothing more timeless than a kaftan. Plus, it looks beautiful as well. Loosely structured, it is designed to provide maximum comfort and warmth. An embroidered kaftan can be worn easily even during the day when you decide to work from home or stay inside.

3. Robes

Robes work beautifully as jackets to your sleepwear. They are suave, warm and comfortable. At the same time, they make a nightwear look more festive and spruce the look to a great extent. Plus, in winters, an extra cover cannot possibly hurt!

4. Fleece Gown

Fleece gowns are a personal favourite because of their multifaceted nature. They can work as a night suit and can also work as a fashionable edition to a night ensemble, perhaps for a slumber party. It is comfortable, sophisticated, warm and unique. Plus, the good news is that it comes in various designs, patterns and colour! You can have one for every mood and occasion.

5. Full-Sleeved Pyjama Set

For those who prefer the good old cotton pyjama sets, there are many designs that include full-sleeved pyjama tops that provide comfort and warmth despite being cotton. As the neck is also covered, the chances of feeling cold are significantly less.

Having such luxury sleepwear in your wardrobe will set you for the cold, come winters. Do keep things cozy with a warm blanket and some hot coffee of course!