Jul 25, 2017 4

Being more than "a teacher"

"If you can't do anything well - be a teacher!"-an american expression which shocked me when I heard it for a first time shortly after I started my studies in the USA. 12 years later I was given an opportunity to teach scenic painting and to mentor design students in one of the most privileged universities in this country.I was questioning my knowledge, my english, my leadership skills- I also was worried about students who mostly came from the "well established" families.During our years together, I was learning how to be a strong and understanding mentor in the same time when my students were learning how to be professional individuals and serious artists.I also learned that many of them needed not just knowledge but also a simple human support, an adult whom they trust but respect, who can advice them or share a silly story to make them laugh. Many of those "kids" became my good friends. Most of them graduated but we are still in touch. Being a teacher is a great privilege and responsibility-if you cant do anything well....well, never follow that silly expression in the beginning of my story. Be the best and teach the youngsters to do the same!