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What to Look For in the Perfect Sports Watch

Sports watches are rugged, versatile and a perfect accessory for any occasion. Apart from telling accurate time, sports watches are the perfect device to keep track of your fitness. Sports watches comprise a multitude of features that set them apart from other watches such as heart rate monitors, GPS, etc. Here are a few tips that would help you buy sports watches for men India.

Water Resistance

For fitness freaks, it is imperative that the watch should be resistant to water. Just a few drops of water can cause considerable damage to your watch. So, if swimming is a part of your daily workout routine, then you need to opt for a watch that will not only track your progress but is also resistant to water. Buy a watch that is water-resistant of up to at least 100 meters. Certified Scuba diving watches provide water resistance of up to 300 meters.

The Strap

Metal and alligator straps give the watch a sophisticated look. They are ideal for watches to be worn at a business meet or special occasions. Sports watches should have straps that are robust, comfortable, and waterproof. Opt for a strap that is lightweight like the ones made from polymer or rubber.

Heart Rate Monitor

While you are working out at the gym or jogging in the park, it is important to monitor your heart. This is where watches with heart rate monitors come handy. It can act as your personal trainer and let you know whether you should continue with your exercise or it is time to stop. Keep in mind that the watch should have long battery life and good memory storage.


Both the quartz and mechanical watches have their pros and cons. Quartz sports watches have a number of advantages that make them the ideal accessory for fitness freaks. Quartz watches are highly accurate and require little maintenance because they comprise low moving parts. They come with a long battery life, which lasts between three to five years. Fewer moving parts also make the quartz watches more durable as compared to the other watches.

So the next time you go in for online wristwatch shopping India, keep these few points in mind. They would help you buy the sports watch of your choice.