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Watch types for different occasions

From mere instruments that kept track of time to style statements, watches have surely come a long way. Watches, now a days, have become more of a fashion accessory and say a lot about your personality. But, why limit yourself to just one watch when there are different styles for different occasions? Whether you are working out in the gym, heading for an important business meet or enjoying that Saturday night party, pick out the watch that suits the occasion and you are all set to make a statement.

At the Gym

Surely, you wouldn’t want to wear a Rolex while at the gym or out jogging. Instead, a watch that is sturdy can ideally fit the bill. A watch with a fitness tracker is the perfect companion for fitness freaks and would help to keep your abs in shape. It also helps keep a count on the number of steps that you have taken, calories intake, and the time spent on sleep. They are more or less accurate and an indispensable tool for health freaks.

For Formal Occasions

Whether you are at a party, wedding or an important business meet, you need a watch that is stylish and elegant and perfectly gels with the ambiance. A subtle watch with a black or brown leather strap, a steel case and an elegant dial would be perfectly fine. Although there are several models of branded watches for men in India, you must pick the one that compliments your suit and shoes.

The Casual Look

If you are at work, out shopping, or just strolling the park, you need a watch that is basic and affordable. No need to go in for watches that are pricey, too high on aesthetics or functionality. Rather, choose the one that has a comfortable steel or leather strap, and sports neutral colours. Some other features to look out for include toughness, water resistance and date display on the dial.

For A Smart and Tech- Savvy Look

These days, the smart watches are in vogue. Particularly popular among the tech-savvy, smart watches are the perfect companion that would keep you entertained all through the day. Listening to music or watching videos, staying in touch with friends or colleagues through social media, notifications and messages, keeping track of your health and using the map app to find your way to your chosen destination are just some of the things that you can do with a smart watch.

So, whether you are buying a luxury watch online in India, a trendy watch or a smartwatch, pick the one that suits the occasion.