Apr 11, 2019 0

There is No Shame in Buying an Inexpensive Watch

Watches enjoy an elaborate and intriguing history. From the classic pocket watch to smart watches that have now swarmed the market, one thing that hasn’t changed is that watches were, are and as far as we can see in the future, will continue to be a style statement for men. A lot of thought goes into finding the right one for each personality, along with a lot of money, and not everyone maybe willing to put such a burden on their pockets.

But worry not, because whether you want to buy smart watches in India or you are looking for something that you can wear to make a statement, we are here to tell you why there is no shame in buying reasonably priced watches.

1. They’re affordable but don’t look cheap: Continuing from the point about putting a burden on your pockets, opting for a cheaper option is much more convenient as it’ll save you the trouble of saving up and you can enter any store you want to pick it up anytime. Contrary to popular belief, just because the price tag is light does not mean that you can’t find classy and sophisticated pieces in this price range. Timex, for example, is an epitome of an affordable leading global brand which never compromises on the quality and craftsmanship of it watches.

2. They’re functional: Everything that shines is not platinum. It can be stainless steel too. Having a platinum band doesn’t mean that your watch will inherently become stylish and durable. In this aspect, stainless steel and silver bands give the same look to the watch, along with durability.

3. Get one for work, get one for play: Who wouldn’t want customized watches for different occasions. Spending on affordable watches can provide you with a choice to buy a different watch for work, and a separate watch for times you want to dress down.

4. Diversify: With certain high-end brands, their watches adhere to a certain style which you may not want to box yourself into. When you choose to go for a less expensive watch, you’ll find that they come in a wide range of colors, materials and styles. While browsing through the whole spectrum of fashionable watches for men in India, you might just stumble upon the one that suits your personality the best.

5. They can be worn all time: With an expensive watch adorning your wrist, your priority would be to take care of it. You would make sure it is kept away while indulging in activities like gardening, hiking, playing, etc. But when you invest in an affordable watch, you can always keep it close, thus reaping the maximum benefit from it.

The next time you think of getting a new watch, keep in mind that a lot of times cutting down on the cost does not equate to cutting down on style. An affordable watch, when chosen with care, can serve as a style statement too!