Jun 21, 2019 0

Here's What Makes a Perfect Outdoor Watch

The contemporary world has moved on from wrist watches to smart phones owing to the advanced features that smart phones of today are equipped with. However, a wrist watch is and would always remain an important accessory. Wrist watches not only accentuate your overall look but enhance your capabilities as well. Latest watches for men are highly functional and convenient to use. People who visit outdoor or go camping should look for the following qualities in their watch:

Is it battery free?

People who are looking for a watch mainly for outdoor purposes should opt for a wrist watch that operates without a battery. The chances of a battery watch failing are high compared to quality automatic model (generates power from the movement of the person wearing it) or a solar powered one. Many battery operated wrist watches are of good quality and last up to ten years, but it is better to choose a solar or automatic wrist watch.

Avoid digital wrist watches

It is always recommended to use an analogue wrist watch over a digital one if you are going camping or trekking. Unless, you need a stopwatch or countdown timer, an analogue wrist watch is always a better choice as it can be used as a compass when required. Simply, point the small hand at the sun and a straight line between the hour hand and 12 o’clock on the watch face points south.

Water Resistant

Weather can change anytime and it is important to stay prepared when you are outdoors. Buying a water resistant wrist watch is absolutely important so that you don’t have to remove it during rain or while swimming. There is a wide range of water proof wrist watches in the market that come in various prices. Choose any wrist watch that is good for 30m and it will suffice all your needs.


Durability is an essential element of wrist watches, especially outdoor variants. The chances of scratches are very high during outdoor activities like trekking. Look for wrist watches that are scratch resistant and meant specifically for outdoor purpose. Not all watches are made of sturdy material and will break or scratch easily when it hits a rock or ground.

Visibility during dark

This is one of the most significant functions that every outdoor watch should have. In case you are using an analogue wrist watch and the ends of the clock hands do not glow, it will be impossible to read the time. A wrist watch with glowing hands is far easy to read, no matter whether you are heading out during the day or night.

The aforementioned qualities are a few things you should look for in an outdoor wrist watch. Also, make sure that you buy wrist watches online in India only from renowned brands.