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Different Types of Watches You Should Know About

Buying a watch seems to be a great idea, but is more often than not a complex process. The wide variety of watches available makes it difficult to narrow down to a single piece. Advertisements displaying the latest watches for men seem extremely appealing and invite all the watch aficionados to add another piece to their collection. While this might get you excited, choosing from the perfect watch can be tricky and confusing, to say the least.

Your knowledge of watch categories for different lifestyles, uses, events, and careers is what will help you out of this situation. And this is why we have listed down the nitty-gritties of watches for you! A few things to keep in mind for your purchase includes when and where you plan wearing it. For instance, a delicate studded watch wouldn’t be ideal for outdoor activities. It is essential to know this as you might spend way more than necessary on watches that match your need.

Two basic watch categories include:

1. Mechanical Watches: These include some of the most expensive watches available in the market. They are the ones that fit the traditional concept of a case filled with gears and other small devices that are powered by a spring that requires winding. You can generally hear mechanical watches ticking due to the action of the spring that powers it as it unwinds.

2. Quartz Watches: These watches use an actual quartz crystal to keep time rather than the gears and mechanisms. An electric current is sent through the crystal to cause pulsations. The frequency of the vibrations is translated by the circuit into a motor that powers the hands in a watch. Although they need a battery change from time to time, quartz watches are one of the most accurate watches available.

Now that you’re familiar with how watches work, take a look at the different types and styles you can choose from.

1. Chronograph Watches: They are one of the most popular watches available nowadays. Their making dates back to the time of King Louis XVIII of France in the 1800s. They come in a wide variety of styles but have characteristic features by which they can be recognized by their face and side buttons. Most chronographic watches have three smaller inset dials.

2. Dive Watches: A perfect choice for all water babies, this watch is not only resistant to water but also water pressure that comes when diving. Dive watches have a rotating bezel that allows the divers to keep a track of the remaining air supply.

3. Military Watches: Not many people are familiar with these watches but it was the introduction of these in 1800 that led to the popularity of watches among the common people too. The military has been a great source of innovation in watches, especially in the function of the second hand.

You can buy watches online in India from various distributors. But it is advisable to ensure that the items are authentic. It is better to have some warranty on your watches as it proves beneficial in the long run.