May 07, 2019 0

4 Trendy Watches Every Woman Would Love To Own

A legit style statement piece that compliments any outfit- watches are must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. A seasoned wristwatch is a reflection of your personality as you step out of your house and showcase yourself in different walks of life. With the potential to convey a unique style statement, there goes a lot of deliberation while picking that ultimate piece that adds glory to who you are. After all, a lady must look her best at every occasion, right?

A fancy luxurious wrap around the wrist won’t hurt too much. So why not invest in one good watch that is nothing but just an extension of your style? Here is a list of branded wrist watches for women that will effortlessly speak volumes about your style. Have a look-

Delicate Classic Wrist Watch

This delicate piece of perfection will gently sit on your wrist and accentuate your feminine charm. This classic timepiece is an indispensable wardrobe staple that a woman can save for romantic date nights or formal dinner with colleagues. Dashed in a perfect blend of silver and gold tone with a matching multi-link bracelet, you can find this watch online from Timex stores while doing women’s watches online shopping. 

Casual Watch

There is a deep-rooted allure about going classic at any given occasion but sometimes you need to ooze that breezy vibe, especially when you are hanging out with a bunch of friends. This casual wristwatch effortlessly blends contemporary and traditional style, yet adds a subtle layer of oomph factor to its overall appeal. If you have a little room for experimentation, we suggest painting your nails in some bright summer shades and don some quirky rings to sport a boho-chic look.    

Boyfriend Watch

A typical boyfriend wrist-watch is a representative of a woman who isn’t afraid to wear her love on her wrist. A tad bit different from the typical wristwatches for women, boyfriend watches exude a vibe of dominance that only a few women can carry. With an overall black layout, black dial and a silver-tone case, this timepiece showcases precision in craftsmanship. Most importantly, the watch has an alluringly refined look which is bound to make you stand out from the crowd.    

A Dress Watch

A dress watch typically lies somewhere between a classic and casual wristwatch that makes it a perfect pick for semi-casual occasions. This lovely watch comes with a striking sky-blue strap and elegant white dial. With uncluttered beauty and easy-to-wear design, this timepiece looks absolutely drool-worthy. The watch is also water resistant up to 30 m. Amalgamating simplicity and sophistication, this wrist-watch is perfect for ladies who have a penchant for everything rightly balanced.