May 14, 2019 0

4 Tips to Afford A Decent Watch

It can be hard to be a watch lover and sustain your love for them while on a tight budget. Let’s not mince our words and put the situation as it is! A number of times, and more often than you’d like, you aren’t able to indulge in spending on the latest classic men’s watch, or women’s watch model for that matter, because it comes with a price tag much higher than what you can afford. Trust us when we say that you aren’t the only one in such a predicament. 

Having said that, we aren’t here to add on to your worries as a watch aficionado! Instead, we have some tips in store for you that will help you to satiate your never ending thirst for the latest timepieces without spending a major chunk of your hard earned money on it.

1. Change the Straps: If you are bored of wearing your current watch and want some change, instead of spending on a new, expensive watch, consider buying a new strap for your watch. The prerequisite for doing this is that the watch should have a removable strap in the first place. You can even trade your current strap for a bracelet. A word of caution: be careful while choosing the new strap for your watch. Mix and match colors appropriately and put in time and effort to do your research beforehand.

2. Pre-Owned Watches: Another tip to spend as less as possible on your newest watch is to look into the pre-owned watches market. It works more or less like a pre-owned car market. As soon as a watch is off the showroom shelf, it loses a part of its value. Buying a pre-owned watch cannot be compared to buying a new one, but it will allow you to own the watch of your choice in a condition that isn’t too bad and at a price well within your budget.

3. Trade Watches: Let’s rewind time a bit and revive the barter system for once. A lot of watch lovers are now looking into the option of trading their watch for another watch, either wholly or with some money involved. They do so either by contacting a private dealer or on their own. This practice definitely doesn’t allow you to have an extensive watch collection of your own, but you can enjoy the benefit of trying on a number of different watches at considerably lower prices.

4. Look for Small, Indie Watch Makers: This would require some research on your part. While searching for wrist watch online for man, try to look out for relatively new, small and independent watch makers, because this is where there is a strong likelihood of getting an affordable deal on high quality watches. The best ways to find these independent watch makers is to look for them on forums, blogs, etc. Timex is also a great platform to buy watches that are high on functionality and aesthetics but low on price.

Being a watch enthusiast has always been an expensive experience. Lately, the scenario is changing and watch lovers are making use of smart tactics such as the ones mentioned above to get the feel of as many watches as possible on their wrists.