May 24, 2016 4470

James DeWulf Outdoor Concrete Ping Pong Dining Table

The James DeWulf Ping Pong Dining Table is a carbon fiber reinforced concrete ping pong table for indoor or outdoor use. The concrete ping pong table can also be used as a dining table. This is an amazing table, that can be fun or serious, depending on the need. It truly is a one of a kind piece, ready to bring you joy in the outdoors.

The clean lines and remarkably thin top give this iconic piece a deceptively light look. Available in a variety of stained concretes to work with your space, the precision-made piece meets Olympic standards.

Fit for a Legend: So intrigued was he, that the man himself, Andre Agassi procured one for his Los Angeles home. The maker James DeWulf was lucky enough to grab a quick game.