May 11, 2018 52


Mens footwear changes at an extremely slow pace. What you slide into your feet this season won’t be massively different either but it will change nevertheless. Brands like Rosso Brunello are working really hard to provide men with as many shoe options to choose from as possible. They’re coming up with a lot of different styles and designs. Here are 5 styles that are extremely trendy and will help you get a better idea as to what suits you best:


Gyming, jogging or running a marathon, sneakers can be worn for literally any and every outdoor activity. They are comfortable, affordable and durable. The leading brands for these techy trainers are Nike and Adidas. They also come in different colours, styles and prices. If you’re tired of going to parties in those squeaky clean white kicks that every second guy has, wearing a pair of cool sneakers can be a great option.


We all know about women’s sandals, but sandals for men is the latest trend. In fact they’re a way better option as they keep your feet odour free and sweat free as compared to other closed shoes. You could find various men’s sandals online and pairing up a tan brown pair with a black t-shirt, tan belt and denim shorts can look very dashing. So men, it’s about time you break the stereotypes and prove to the world that sandals aren’t just ‘feminine’.


Boots are a trusty fallback for the changing weather. They can be worn during the freezing cold times as they protect your feet from frostbites but also when it’s warm and sunny. They are extremely durable and pairing them up with suits or formal outfits looks absolutely great. There are different types such as wellington boots, chelsea boots, chukka boots etc. Hybrid boots are a mixture of the formal and casual trend and can be worn with any ensemble.


Moccasins for men are soft leather slippers or shoes, strictly one without a separate heel, having the sole turned up on all sides and sewn to the upper in a simple gathered seam, they style of these shoes was originated from north America. They are similar to suede loafers and can look really good with light washed denim jeans or shorts.


The loafer is a warm weather all-rounder. Brown loafers with a navy blue polo t-shirt and jeans are the ideal combination. Men have liberated ankles as they don’t need to wear show socks with these shoes. Loafers are getting a polished update with the addition of hardware details such as metal snaffles. The slipper cut loafer is the key style this season and their colours are becoming more wearable than ever.