May 28, 2017 6

How to fool your wife into ballooning !

This happened in 2012 ,After settling down in Namibia with my daughter ,who is a veterinarian by profession, we undertook our first ever trip to Sossusvlei. One of our mission was to go on a balloon ride , knowing that my wife was completely against the idea ,we , me and my daughter had to to really think hard how to do it .

We booked the ride and than next day morning we told her that we are going for the Sossusvlei desert and wild animal safari.the balloon ride are was almost an hours drive from our lodge. it was 5 Am and we were driving towards the take-of location , praying that nothing on way gives away that we are actually going there.There were a couple of big hoardings that said that we are driving and very near to the ballooning place , but whenever that sign board would be near , I would tell my wife too look the other side showing her some imaginary animal, which was not there LOL. So that she does not think that we are driving to ballooning place.My daughter was driving .At last when we reached , we saw the balloon being inflated with the hot air , we had to tell her that it is flying in ten minutes and we are all going for the ride.If eyes could kill , she could have killed me .She would not dare to stay alone at the ground, that was her weak-point , which we exploited. You can see her face. Ultimately cursing us she came with us on the ride and we had mission successful.It was an awesome ride which happily she also enjoyedBest part was the well laid breakfast with champagne that was like the icing on the cake.

we went for a desert dune drive after the breakfast and few impressive photos were shot.We stayed at Sossusvlei Lodge