May 09, 2017 23

Return road trip from Canada to Mexico

In September 2016 my husband and two standard poodles took the open roads on an adventure that will take us to Mexico for the winter.  I had purchased a Sony a6000 after getting the advice of several photo pros along the way.  My choice had to be fast, because a lot of the shots would be taken from a car moving at 55-80 mph, it had to be compact and easy to carry, but also rugged enough to be stored in a handbag or backpack.This camera and I grew together and we learned how to use the AF to capture the moments we witnessed to share with our friends and family.  The trip lasted until May 05th, 2017 and I am happy to report that 1000's of beautiful images were captured, everything from sweeping  landscapes, to portraits, to everyday street photos, and plenty of storyboards of our adventures.  The camera has become an extention of my body and is used pretty much everyday, people around me are also happy to be able to share in the adventures and see how others live.