Aug 01, 2017 5

Tuft and needle mattress reviews of 2017

A detailed review of Tuft and Needle mattresses

Tuft & Needle aka T&N is an American direct selling and manufacturing Mattress Company that has been originated July 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona. The founder of the company is Daehee Park and John-Thomas Marino. John Thomas’s wife splurged much for a second-rate mattress, and from here Park had the idea of founding a production company that minimizes the price tag of a mattress. 

Tuft & Needle have been a front runner in transparency as they sell and resize their mattresses according to the customer needs and research. They are the only online mattress company selling at the lowest rate of $600 for a queen mattress. So I was much interested in reviewing this pocket-friendly mattress. Though, it’s all about the quality of a mattress. According to my research, the T&N has done a lot of product research and customer satisfaction research and introduced a product in such low range.

I think purchasers are exhausted with and afraid by the whole mattress purchasing routine. They are not interested in dealing with going into an outlet and bargaining with deceitful salesmen, and they don’t want to be paralyzed with 80 various beds to select from. It concludes to the two main issues consumers have. Firstly, they don’t want to buy the unwanted mattress and they don’t want to pay a cent above the budget they have. Ordering something online can avoid all of that bargaining and minimize the choices. So, they find a mattress online that is fairly low-cost and which gets marvelous reviews.