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Is Study MBBS in Ukraine a good option for Indian Students!

After completing primary education, most students long for studying abroad to complete their higher education for all the right reasons. There are many countries that offer quality education at affordable prices. And Ukraine is one such country that has world-class educational institutions with modern infrastructure & multi-cultural environment.

In case you are interested in pursuing MBBS degree from Abroad, you could consider one of the Top Medical Universities in Ukraine for the same. You will be glad to know that the good hospitality services of Ukrainian people towards International students are one of the primary reasons to choose MBBS from Ukraine. Furthermore, many Top Medical Universities of Ukraine have global recognition from various medical councils which encourages the International students to pursue MBBS abroad.

Ukraine has various characteristic reasons in order to facilitate medical aspirants like affordability, quality and safety of students.

Thus Ukraine is an ideal destination to give a great start for your Medical Career. Many previous scholars from various Ukrainian Universities have become prominent figures in the field of medicine and paved the way for the development of the future. Indian students find it really interesting to take admission for MBBS in abroad, as it allows them to gather exposure, learn self-dependence and acquire the requisite skill-set to become a successful doctor.

India has a skewed ratio of doctors and patients, which has pulled the growth of the country downwards and maligned the name of the country before other developing nations. In order to fill this gap, and get better doctors in India for serving humanity.

Indian students also have to compete with almost sixty thousand students to get a seat in one of the government medical colleges. Last year almost thirteen lacs aspirants appeared for NEET-2018 and only six lac students could qualify it. More than five lac and fifty thousand students were still hanging out without any option and had to choose from limited options to pursue medical studies in India. Private medical colleges in India charge a fortune and hence not many got an opportunity to afford such expensive options.

Several Government Medical Universities of Ukraine offers the complete course in medicine in almost 15 lacs, which can be easily paid through an education loan as these institutions are duly recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Hence, without choosing any other stream of education several students, who belong to middle-class families can afford quality medical education in Ukraine.