May 10, 2017 32

Enjoying The City of Arts and Sciences

We recently moved to Valencia (Spain) and every time we can we go for a walk in this beautiful city with our dog and our cameras.

There are many spots in Valencia that deserve to be visited at least once in your life. One of them is surely The City of Arts and Sciences, considered the most important modern tourist destination in Valencia and one of the 12 treasures of Spain.

One of the things we love of this place is that when we are there we feel somehow "different"... better than usual. 

It's a strange and beautiful sensation, we feel like we are at home – even on Sundays, when there is quite a lot of people! For this reason we have already returned few times and plan to return again and again.

If you are lucky you can enjoy some live music while visiting the city.

Every time we visit the The City of Arts and Sciences we discover new incredible details.

The Alien

The Skull

If you have a walk in the "L'Umbracle" you will be able to see all plant species indigenous to Valencia.