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Plan Your Perfect Monsoon Escape in London

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Home to majestic architecture, shopping malls, scrumptious cuisine, fabulous 5-Star hotels in London and a rich history, London has much to offer to the tourist who is looking for fun. You can visit London anytime of the year, but the rainy season has its own charm. If you are planning the perfect Monsoon escape, there is no better place than London.

Enjoy your day at a theatre

The best way to enjoy a rainy day in London is by spending time at a theatre. The city is home to numerous theatres which normally run to packed houses. So, whether you want to enjoy a West end musical, a play or an opera, just book a ticket at any of the theatres in the city. Some of the famous ones are Royal Opera House, Shakespeare’s Globe, Sadler’s Well, National Theatre and London Coliseum, etc.

Royal Observatory

If planets and stars excite you, then head to the Royal Observatory. Located in Greenwich, the Royal Observatory provides mesmerising views of the Thames River. The observatory is home to several clocks and watches that are revolutionary, exquisite and aesthetically appealing. The observatory also organises exciting shows that will provide you a glimpse of space, stars, moon and the solar system. A day spent at the Royal Observatory will not only be entertaining but also enriching.

Sea Life London Aquarium

The Sea Life London Aquarium is the best place for those who want to get closer to nature. The aquarium began operations in 1997 and an estimated one million people from all over the world visit it every year. Some of the popular attractions at the aquarium include glass tunnel walkway, Shark Walk, collection of Cownose rays and a huge collection of seahorses, penguins, crabs and octopuses.

Borough Food market

Among the numerous food markets in London, the Borough Food market is the biggest and the best. The numerous stalls at the market sell a variety of food items ranging from bread and cheese to meat, fish, oysters, pastries, spices, beverages and other stuff. The market is also home to many cafes and London restaurants where you can satiate your craving for good food.

With Monsoon around the corner, it is time to pack your bags and head off to London to enjoy the rains.