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Top 7 Foods for Your Senior Dog

Thinking it’s difficult to find dog food for senior dogs? Not at all! In fact, there are plenty of formulas that are specifically designed keeping older dogs in mind.

But, it’s a known fact that just like young dogs, senior dogs are not all the same. It entirely depends on you to choose the dog food that’s loaded with the right balance of ingredients for your furry friend.

You ask yourself “What type of food should I feed my dog with?”

Well, every pet owner would be in a dilemma when it comes to right dog food for their best friend. If you want to the main the quality of life of your dog as he’s edging towards his senior years, it’s time you reevaluate his nutritional requirements.

Here are the 7 of the best foods you can feed your senior dog:


Yogurt is a great source of probiotics (beneficial bacteria that can help dogs with their digestive problems). Adding a spoon of plain low-fat or nonfat yogurt to each meal will one of the best things you can do for your senior dog.


Fish is a great food for senior dogs. It provides omega-3 fatty acids for supporting a dog’s immune system. Moreover, it reduces inflammation and contributes immensely to their skin and coat health. Feed your dog with canned fish with bones, including sardines and pink salmon, which are much better than tuna.


Loaded with vitamins as well as trace minerals, liver is exceedingly nutrient-dense. Make sure you feed small amount of liver to your dog on a regular basis. Keep in mind that liver should not be more than 5% of the total diet.


Eggs are one of the best and most healthy dog foods. They provide protein in its bioavailable form and are associated with several various health benefits. You need to cook eggs which will make it easy for your domestic dog to digest.

Your dog doesn’t have to worry about high cholesterol the way humans do. Eggs comprise one half of the diet of your dog.


Know that dark meat provides more nutrition when compared to ultra-low-fat chicken breast. Don’t you forget to remove skin for dogs that need fewer calories?


Red meat is a great source of iron, zinc and other important nutrients needed by senior dogs. If you have a senior dog, it’s better to cook beef and drain some of the fat.


Oats and other whole grains are beneficial for your dogs. This is because they provide vitamins as well as minerals, including antioxidants.


Dogs of seven years and older tend to take life a bit more easier. As a result, their nutritional requirements change once more. However, this change takes place at around five years old with dogs of large breeds. As a dog starts nearing the senior age, they become less active. Besides, they have a slower metabolism. So, fewer calories and less fat are required. You need to ensure that you feed the right diet to your dog to maintain his health.

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