Oct 26, 2017 0

How to Keep your Dog Cool during the Scorching Summer?

Nobody likes being so hot - not we humans, not dogs. Getting some sun during the shivering winters is not bad but the sun can affect your health during the scorching summer heat. Just like humans, dogs have special needs during the tough summer season. To keep your dogs cool in summer, take a good care of their diet, food, water consumption, heat-proof shelter and other activities.

Dogs need to go out twice or thrice a day to "do their business". You should do something as they like the sunny spots and wander around under the sun. But when they return after spending some time under the sun, following the squirrels and clean their fur on the grass, they are tired and stink.

Look for the ways to keep your dogs active and healthy during the summer heat:

Keep your dog well-hydrated: Keep an eye on the water bowl of your pet every time in summer. Also, you can add some ice bowls if you have a separate pet house outdoors. Give your dog a cool shelter in summer so that he can stay well-hydrated despite the scorching summer.

Kiddie pool for your dogs: Your pets will love the kiddie pool as some pets love splashing around the water to avoid summer side-effects. Give your dog a small pool to play with to overcome stressful summers.

Offer your dog frozen treats in summer: This summer, offer your dog something chilled and high in water content. Ice cream is something can make your dog happy in summer or try a DIY to add safe ingredients for your pet's health. Also, you can prepare a cool and refreshing smoothie for your dog.

Find a cool surface: Give your pet a cool surface and ensure they sit under the shelter instead under the direct sunlight. Pets would love to spend noon under a shelter than the sun. Dogs just love to sleep on a cool surface so let your dog lie down where they feel comfortable.

Arrange a shade: No matter whether you have placed a bed indoors or outdoors. Your dog would love to roll down on grass if you can arrange a special shelter at his favorite corner at the poolside. Create a special yet shady oasis for your canine to enjoy the sweat-free summer.

Grooming for summer safety: Grooming is important for your dog to make their skin feel the fresh air and allow it to breathe properly. This is the best time to trim their hair short and help them enjoy despite the scorching summer.