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How Important are Healthy Treats for Your Dog

To spoil your pet in a healthy way, you should select the right time to give him treats. This is a kind behavior modification technique which is the most popular idea for any dog owner to control their pets.

These days, a vast array of dog treats available in the market, but make the best choice to ensure you don't spoil them. You must also check the ingredients to ensure that the ingredients are not harmful to your pets. You can ask your veterinarian to make sure you choose the right kind of treats for your dog. Some occasional healthy treats are the best for your pet if your dog is on a healthy and eating a balanced diet.

How Does a Dog Treat Important to Keep him Healthy?

You must know how important is this to improve a dog's behavior. Dogs can smell from a distance of 20 yards. Dog treats encourage a calm and submissive state. Let him smell and sense his treat at first and hold it away from them.

Don't just offer him the treat on his first attempt when he jumps over you. Let him calm down which helps him to behave adequately. Bring him down to the calm level to let him know and determine the right time and a submissive state to get his reward.

What Should you Do before Giving Him a Treat?

Ensure you give a treat in between meals not right before or after it. This is the best way of giving a treat to your pet. Ensure you hold the treat between our two fingers and a thumb. Let him sniff enough so that he knows it is there and remember the rules to take it to the nose first, then eyes and ears.

What Are The Best Treats For Your Dog?

Dogs love having peanut butter, cooked chicken, cheese, baby carrots, yogurt, salmon, pumpkin, oatmeal, apple slices, green beans and eggs. All these options are very healthy for your pet as they contain low fat, an extra dose of protein, high in fiber and so on.

When to Give Dog Treats?

Between the meals is the right time to give dog treats so that your dog will enjoy it more. If you observe that your pet begins to lose interest in training, use these treats to encourage him.

Remember that dog treats are a way to show your affection with your pet. You should choose the right way and time to give him a treat. Make sure you exercise a disciplined role which always comes first when you give a dog treats.