Sep 19, 2017 8

How Clean Dishes are Important for a Healthy Pet Life

Even though you pamper your pets a lot feeding them by your hands, but they often move to their bowls when they are hungry. Leaving them in an unhygienic condition is quite intimidating for your pets because the bacteria may affect the health of your pets.

When it comes to keeping your pet bowls hygienic, it recommends considering the expert's advice on pet bowls hygiene level. Now, you must have concerns in your mind like what should you use to wash your pet's bowls, how often should you wash it or where should you wash it?

Bowl cleaning is a disease prevention step which protects your pet from a bad health.

Control Bacteria from Attacking your Pet's Health

You should clean your pet's bowl on a regular basis using hot, soapy water after every meal. Also, wash water bowls in every single day. To prevent passing any contamination, you should clean your hands as well with hot water and soap after handling pet's bowls. The pet food that's left out for a long time often grows bacteria. According to the experts, the microbes that live in your pet's mouth will be transferred to the food leftovers in the bowls and since the pets eat and drink from their bowls directly would create an area where the bacteria will flourish.

The effects of bacteria depend upon the environment, exposure and oral hygiene of your pet. Some microbes are dangerous to pets and humans who are quite young and some people have weakened immunity.

Tips to Handle Open Food

  • Your pets don't eat the entire canned food where the food safety always a questionable even when left out.
  • Food can be left out safely as per the number of variables but it should be covered or refrigerates as soon as possible.
  • It is a must to keep your pet's leftover in a refrigerator or keep it covered at the room temperature.
  • Certain instances may lead to foodborne illness if you leave the food for more than two hours.
  • Dry food should also be handled same as canned food. keep the dry pet food safely in a clean plastic container with a lid. Keep the bag sealed or should be folded closed.

How to Clean Pet Food Dishes?

  • Any pet food dish can be appropriately cleaned using hot water or soapy water. Also, it's not bad to use one tablespoon of unscented liquid chlorine bleach in one gallon of water which is effective in sanitizing washed surface and utensils.
  • The main purpose of cleaning the pet food dishes is just removing the food residual.
  • The dishwasher is an ideal machine you can use to clean your pet's dishes but food residue can be cleaned to avoid bacteria that can go multiply.
  • You can keep the pet dishes with other dishes on a regular basis to ensure you keep them clean and safe for your pets.


If you are guilty of avoiding cleaning your pet's food bowl, or often overlook the importance of cleaning your pet's dishes, you should start doing it right ensure no bacteria can attack your pet's health. Do not leave food in the open or water for a long time to avoid foodborne illness. Make sure you clean your pet's food bowl every day as soon as possible when your pet's food residue start growing the ideal condition for bacteria.