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The Purpose-Built Data Center is a data center customized by the client as per his requirement and specifications right from the ground. This data center can be either multi-layered rack system or cabinets of varying dimensions and formats, deployed indoors or outdoors just as you are constructing our own living space.

The question still poses as why do you require customized solution when all the facilities are available in the structured, pre-designed and modular data servers. This is because no business entities are similar and each business has different requirements either because of future plans, expansion, or unexpected need and so on. The following points shall brief the purpose of the building Purpose-Built data center.

Varying capacity:

The business houses require deploying data center to meet their traditional components along with expansion adapting new technologies. Hence the varied capacity and combination of the historical practices at the same time incorporating new servers to offer feasible solutions become a necessity for Purpose-Built data centers.

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Minimize Initial cost:

The fear of changes in future technology or deploying servers with the minimum bare requirement as start-up thereby reducing initial capital investment might compel the business entities to move to this solution. This minimizes initial cost at the same time broadens the scope of expansion.

Maximize efficiency:

The aim of any business entity whether it is a government agency, cloud storage providers, logistics or production houses involved in mining, military etc. is to increase the efficiency and stay competitive. Some of them might want to retain the design control as well as achieve modular benefits, while some industries want to diversify geographically.

Avoid compromise:

By following the pre-defined modular data center, the business entities might not enjoy the customized solutions they require to suit their business model because of varied geography, unknown territory, and different solutions. They don’t want to change their business model and make a compromise on their requirement at the cost of benefiting the purchaser.

Retain flexibility:

The flexibility and expandability cannot be retained once the data center is not set up as per client’s requirement. Lots of constraints might arise that might come on the way in adopting multiple solutions with varied operational, infrastructure and procurement requirements.

Design Consistency:

Because of the existing business model, it might be feasible to have the typical model set-up of the entire data center across different regions. This provides design consistency to the client and helps them in maintaining the system and future expansion. The Canada server colocation hosting makes the purpose-built data center to maintain the design model of the client and thereby gives consistency in its networked servers.

Thus, it becomes very inspiring and solves the confusion of always comparing your needs with the service provider. It solves many purposes of deploying purpose-built data center and makes it convenient to have benefits of both traditional as well modular data center.

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