Jul 25, 2017 25

The Curious Camera

Who am I and what is my story are not easy questions to answer.  My life has has so many twists and turns, mountains and valleys, and amazing adventures creating lasting memories.  Throughout it all I have had a trusty sidekick... a curious camera... a Sony NEX-5.

I am an educator with a strong passion for photography. I am someone who is curious about what they see, and has a desire to capture an image or moment to share with others who are curious as well. In this way I see photography as a tool for educating or enlightening others.

I am a freelance photographer and videographer. My work includes filming and photographing the final space shuttle launch from the press area, photographing the Solar Impulse visit to Phoenix, and photographing the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

My passion and goal is to share as much of this amazing world with others while striving to make this a better place for everyone.