We wouldn't exist without artists who make weird awesome geeky beautiful art, and people who love weird awesome geeky beautiful art. You complete us.

Our Story

Threadless happened the way all amazing things happen — not on purpose. 

Jake Nickell spent an undisclosed amount of time in a design forum called Dreamless. After entering and winning a t-shirt design competition where no prize was awarded and he never received the printed shirt, Jake threw an idea out to the community: what if we had a perpetual design competition where someone actually won something and a t-shirt was actually printed every week

The experiment was a success and -- long story short -- led to several evolutions of the company (we like to say community) you see today. From warehouse under his desk, to two employees, to 50 employees and a community of thousands of artists, Threadless has produced some of the most iconic tees and graduated some of the most notable artists of our time. 

We attribute our success to our core passion: we exist to help artists connect with art enthusiasts. You make it, you pick what we make, we stay up all night imagining the next steps that will keep you happy. End of story (so far).

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Our Favorite Makers

Alex Solis cover
Alex Solis avatar

Alex Solis

Artist, Illustrator, Bboy working at Threadless.

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  • Views 56175
Jake Nickell cover
Jake Nickell avatar

Jake Nickell

Founder & CEO at Threadless.com

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  • Views 572
Lance Sells cover
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Lance Sells

Good things.

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  • Views 439
Dustin Henderlong cover
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Dustin Henderlong

Vice President, Digital @threadless

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