Thornwillow celebrates great ideas and inspirations and is committed to making them shine through exceptional craftsmanship, creativity & design.

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Ars Omnia Tuetur

Since 1985, Thornwillow Press has published handmade limited edition books. In an age of disposable communication, our books will last. Thornwillow enhances the relationship between the reader and author and celebrates the written word.

Thornwillow titles include works of fiction by John Updike, J.P. Donleavy, Peter Matthiessen and Louis Auchincloss, poetry by James Merrill and Mark Strand, history by Harold Holzer, Arthur Schlesinger, Edmund Morris and David Donald, and moments of history from Walter Cronite, Warren Burger, Helmut Kohl and Barack Obama.

Thornwillow's publications are included in the permanent collections of The Morgan Library, Harvard University, Yale University, The British Library, The Getty Museum, MoMA, The Smithsonian Institute, the Library of Congress, The White House, and The Vatican Library.

The books we print embody our belief that ideas and stories matter and should be presented to inspire readers today and in the future.


Making Ideas Count

Inspired by the artisanal crafts involved with Thornwillow publications, Thornwillow also produces a range of personalized goods and gifts exemplifying our commitment to craftsmanship, design and quality. These range from fine papers, business cards, engraved stationery, invitations and announcements to custom bindings, albums, private printings, leather goods, unique objects and library accessories.

Thornwillow's work represents the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. Everything we create is made in our Nineteenth Century brick factory in the historic town of Newburgh along New York's Hudson River. We believe artistry is learned and honed by craftspeople who perpetuate art in their lives and ensure their skills and wisdom are passed to future generations.

What unites everything we make is our unwavering commitment to the world's finest craftsmanship brought to the service of ideas that matter. We memorialize significant points of view and moments of history and empower them with the strength of human belief in the creation of a better world.

Thornwillow craftspeople have dedicated their lives to creating heirlooms of our common human heritage. Thornwillow produces books and gifts with souls.


The Art of Craftsmanship & Craftsmanship in Art

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the formation of The Thornwillow Institute, a not for profit 501(c) 3 organization committed to promoting and perpetuating the art of craftsmanship in all its forms. We believe that how we communicate and preserve ideas matters. Objects you can touch, keep, and give are central to the identity of our culture. These objects become the legacy of our civilization. They memorialize our values, triumphs, challenges and dreams.

The Thornwillow Institute pursues this mission through:

Fellowships, Artists and writers in residence, Workshops and Master Classes, Job and career training, Exhibitions, Publications, Collecting and providing access to specialized equipment (both historic and new), Restoring the historic structures that house our people and efforts, Community outreach.


Craft, Culture & Community

Thornwillow is located in Newburgh, New York, a beautiful Hudson River town that was home to George Washington during much of the Revolutionary War. Newburgh includes extraordinary architecture and landscape design, one of the first Edison plants, as well as Lucille Ball's debut. In the 1950s the city was celebrated on the cover of Look Magazine as the most beautiful city in America.

In more recent history, however, Newburgh lost its manufacturing base and suffered a terrible economic collapse. Poverty, lack of hope, and civic neglect left Newburgh to decay.

Since our beginning, Thornwillow has supported American manufacturing, and this is why we established our workshop in one of the most troubled communities in the United States. At Thornwillow, we have dedicated ourselves to providing jobs and training our team members, improving local buildings and streetscapes, and bringing our community back to its former strength.

Newburgh is located only an hour north of Manhattan, on bluffs overlooking the Newburgh Bay that inspired Hudson River School painters, and just a short distance from DIA: Beacon, Storm King, Boscobel, Hyde Park, West Point and The Culinary Institute of America. Thornwillow knows there is hope and opportunity for this community that has been forgotten for too long.

We believe positive change is possible through the pursuit of excellence and the community-based creation of lasting and vital works of art.


25 Spring Street

Newburgh, New York 12550

[email protected]

(845) 569-8883

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