Aug 07, 2019 0

SO2 Scrubbers vs Low-Sulphur Oils: The Cost-Factor for Better Solution

The low sulphur oil is the solution in order to make vessels compliant of the 0.5% sulphur emission limit globally. It could be seen as a potential solution but the amount of investment and technological transformation has a high cost when it comes to the compatibility of oil. The vessel engines need to be replaced with the technology which usually supports low sulphur oil to make it compliant with the IMO 2020. While the IMO and other marine operating are ensuring the best standards for oil refineries it also gives a hint towards increased fuel prices as the demand will increase. In order to tackle this situation, the ship owners are opting for scrubber systems due to the cost efficiency and ROI. In terms of technical aspects, it is quite easy to install as it could be installed on-voyage without higher downtime. It could be a boon for the vessel owners to save a good amount of money for making themselves compliant with the laws. 

SOx Scrubber Systems: Best Solution for IMO 2020 Compliances

The SOx Scrubbers seems to become quite popular amidst the debates of following the compliances of IMO 2020. The SO2 Scrubbers could definitely be the best solution for vessel operators to make themselves compliant under the guidelines. This could be also seen as a potential choice of vessel operators as it gives best ROI and helps ship owners to save a lot of money as compared to investing the high amount in making ships compatible with low sulphur oils as it may also have the implications of price hikes as the demand will increase in coming days.