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Bicycle Restoration Process

Our Bicycle Restoration Process

The Pro’s Closet is the largest online used bicycle store. While we buy and sell used bikes, we do not flip bikes. Actually, our team of highly trained mechanics restores bicycles. Anyone who buys a bike from TPC can be assured that they are purchasing a high quality pre-owned bicycle.

On the most basic level, a TPC mechanic’s daily workflow consists of taking a bicycle completely apart, cleaning, greasing, rebuilding, and testing. 

1. Suspension

Before the bicycle is placed into a stand, the fork and rear shock are filled with air and tested (if applicable).

Inspect and service or repair:

  • Lock out
  • Rebound
  • Pivots

2. Wheels

Inspect and service or repair:

  • Spokes
  • Hubs
  • Braking Surface // Rotors
  • Record radial and lateral runout of rim
  • Reject and replace wheels, rotors, or tires if excessive wear is found

3. Frame and Cockpit

Inspect and service or repair:

  • Headset
  • Seatpost or dropper
  • Seatpost collar
  • Saddle
  • Replace bar tape // grips
  • Remove collar, inspect tube for damage
  • Remove stem, inspect steerer for damage
  • Remove stem clamp, inspect handlebars for damage
  • Remove crankset, inspect chainstay for damage
  • Check the remaining frame for damage

4. Drivetrain

  • Remove all drivetrain components for parts washer.

Inspect and service or repair:

  • Front Derailleur
  • Rear Derailleur
  • Crankset
  • Chainrings
  • Chain
  • Cassette
  • Bottom Bracket

5. Shifting

Inspect and service, repair, or replace:

  • Cables
  • Housing
  • Front shifter
  • Rear Shifter
  • Test and tune shifting

6. Brakes

Inspect and service, repair, or replace:

  • Brake levers
  • Brake pads
  • Brake cables - Cable Actuated
  • Hydraulic hoses- Hydraulic
  • Bleed system if lever is spongy or travel is excessive - Hydraulic

7. Final Steps

  • Apply TPC Sticker
  • Polish bike
  • Photograph
  • List
  • Ship!