May 03, 2019 0

Reasons Why Destination Weddings Are Extremely Popular

Getting engaged is the most awaited and most exciting moment in any person’s life. All couples tend to make their big day memorable and everlasting. Marriage is an overwhelming occasion for the couple with all the wedding things like planning, honeymoon, guests, and others going on in full swing. Destination weddings are the best alternative for traditional home town weddings and there are so many reasons for opting it for which you can never say no. Destination weddings have set up new standards which do not have budget restrictions.


Most of you might not live in the place you were born or brought up. People fly and shift constantly which makes it difficult when it is their wedding time. Destination wedding options provide the best solution for this as they take place in neither of the couple’s native places. So, destination weddings bring everyone together at your favorite choice of destination to celebrate your big day with much love and enthusiasm.


Some resorts or hotels like some banquet halls in Jaipur for wedding or in Goa provide you with on-site wedding planners who help a lot more than you can imagine. This option is available in almost all destination wedding venues. You do not need to worry about planning the wedding or take stress if there is less time as wedding planners take care of everything. The best thing is that they are available along with the venue and other facilities at your destination wedding.


Couples these days prefer to have an expanding budget to have luxury and comfort than sticking to a restrictive budget for the wedding. You can spend good amounts when the perfect décor of your choice can make your dream wedding come true like a fairy tale. With the growing craze for destination weddings and the customers being willing to spend money on lavish celebrations, best hotels in Jaipur, Goa, Chandigarh, and other destination venues are offering great deals and discounts.


You can sit back and enjoy the quality time with your friends and family. Marriages are not small things to relax but destination weddings give you an option to stop worrying and spend quality time. With the destination weddings being good tourist spots, you can have a good time and can also take your fiancée out for a romantic walk.


Destination weddings are a great excuse for couples who want to cut down their guest list. As these weddings require travelling, more time, hotel stays, and commitment, unmanageable invitees can easily be removed from the guest list. But you can always throw a post-wedding party like reception and cover the guests who missed out your wedding at low budgets.


As destination weddings happen in great tourist places, you can have a honeymoon as early as you want or at least you can have two honeymoons resulting in so many memories and everlasting happiness. You can start visiting places with your partner right after the wedding.


Your guests can have their vacation at your wedding and you will be the one to give them a chance to go on a vacation. Your wedding will be their best reason to go on a vacation as they also get to enjoy the celebrations of a perfect destination wedding.