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Beyond Perfect Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

With the weekend approaching and no plans in mind, one need not fret, especially if they are located in Bangalore or are visiting the IT hub of the country for a short while. The city has so much more to offer than high rise buildings and ever increasing tech companies. Bangalore is surrounded by innumerable places which one has to visit if they are in the vicinity. Thus, before you start looking for the best hotels in Bangalore and booking flight tickets, plan ahead to visit the places around Bangalore, which are a world apart from the bustling city, despite being close enough to make for a beyond perfect weekend getaway.

1. Bheemeshwari: You cannot find a better place for a more versatile experience than what Bheemeshwari offers. A tranquil town on the banks of Kaveri, it is the ideal vacation spot for families. Along with provision for adventure sports, Bheemeshwari is the top pick for wildlife enthusiasts, as the Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary is situated here. The place is gifted with abundant natural beauty, flora and fauna.

2. Lepakshi: If you are a history cum mythology cum architectural enthusiast, then Lepakshi is the best place to hop off to on the weekend. If legends are to be believed, then it is said that this is the place where after being killed by Ravana, Jatayu was granted moksh by Lord Ram. This small, sleepy town is home to the Lepakshi Temple, dedicated to Lord Veerbhadreshwara. The architecture of the temple leaves the visitors spellbound.

3. Chikmagalur: Famous for being the economic and trade hub of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is much more than that. A town nestled amongst sheer natural beauty and a mesmerizing scenic view it has a number of nature parks, hill retreats, wildlife sanctuary and more. One should not miss out on visiting the caves in Inam Dattatreya Peetha.

4. Ooty: Aptly titled the “Queen of Hills”, Ooty is probably the most popular weekend getaway destination from Bangalore. As you drive from Bangalore to Ooty, you’ll come across beautiful landscapes which will stay with you long after you have left. The green, rolling hills and plantations and small settlements nestled between the lush greenery make for a refreshing trip.

5. Kabini: This place has been gifted with abundant flora and fauna. It’s a paradise for wildlife and nature lovers. You can go for a boat ride, as elephants take a bath nearby or you can be lucky enough to catch sight of rare species of birds. You can catch the Bengal Tiger, golden jackal, Indian bison, pangolin and other exotic species in their natural habitat, which is an experience that cannot be captured in words. Coupled with cascading waterfalls and the Kabini flowing amidst the forest, this place should not be missed.

The Silicon Valley of India itself has a number of attractions in the city. Along with quality accommodation options and attractive restaurant offers in Bangalore, we don’t see any reason why you should delay planning a trip to this city. And once you are done exploring the city itself, we have already listed the places nearby which you must visit.