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3 Best Things That Make London in April Outstanding

Besides being one of the most visited cities in the world, London boasts of gothic grandeur, vibrant culture and spells pure magic. The very name of the city exudes royalty and class. With a homely appeal, London always throws its arms open for everyone. Although the city is lively throughout the year, it’s during the spring season of April that brings with it a splash of colors. It is during this time that the city witnesses warmth and sunshine and gardens become all the more lively.

April also heralds the start of warmer weather and numerous other events that witnesses Londoners and visitors shedding their woolens to enjoy the longer days. With so many options to explore, the pleasant weather simply adds to the charm. Here’s what makes London in April simply the best-

Incredible Parks and Architectural Marvels

London’s incredible parks and gardens look their best during spring. The most striking flower that indicates the change of season is the daffodil, which one can witness in abundance at places such as St Jame’s Park and Green Park. While the world’s greatest botanical gardens, at Kew are ideal to visit any time of the year, it is during this period that one can marvel at bluebells and attend Easter egg hunt and other chocolate-themed events. If you are fond of cute baby birds, The London Wetland Centre is the place to be at.

Besides parks and gardens, historical properties that remained closed for the winters also reopen their doors for visitors. It’s advisable to make the booking in advance as business hotels in London are mostly packed during this time.

Sports and Activities

Traveling to London is probably on everyone’s wish list, owing to the numerous wonderful sights on offer. While getting around by bike might not make sense to you in such a busy city, it is the best option to consider if the spring season is behaving well and you fancy sight-seeing more than anything else. With pick-up/ drop stations found everywhere around London, renting a bike shall let you cross the Thames from one side to another while avoiding most of the traffic.

If you like it a lil off the track, The London Marathon beckons you which is to be held on 28 April 2019. Covering all the major attractions, the finish line is on the Mall near Buckingham Palace. If you wish to be a spectator instead, join the crowd of enthusiasts lining the streets.

Outdoor Theatre

Since its inception in 1997, Shakespeare’s Globe on the South Bank has remained incredibly popular. Starting from 23 April till the mid of Oct 2019 will kick off with Henry IV Part 1, followed by Henry VI Part 2 (from 25 April), Henry V (from 30 April), The Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night .

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