USA made clothing for women who want to look great and be comfortable, effortlessly.

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Theia Grazi Clothing Company is owned by two partners, Amy Wong and Anya Ignatyeva. In 2011, we met in Fashion school and became fast friends. We both loved clothes, but we both noticed that in the suburbs where we lived, there were lots of beautiful women wearing workout gear on an everyday basis. So, in 2011, we decided to do something about it. We opened our clothing company to create a collection that allows women to be comfortable and sophisticated at the same time, even if they are going to the store or picking up their kids from school.

Since 2011, we at Theia Grazi have been creating and producing our clothing line for every day women who desire to look and feel more sophisticated. Whether in a professional setting, picking up kids from school or weekend warriors, women will feel effortlessly beautiful in their comfortable day to night fashions. We believe there’s a happy medium in between those stretchy yoga pants and the cardboard-hard skinny jeans you can barely button. To create clothes that fit in this sweet spot, we use quality fabrics that feel and look great on the body. We cultivate a bright and fun sense of style by mixing prints and being unafraid to use colors.

We are a small clothing company based in Northern California and all of our garments are produced in San Francisco, CA. We proudly claim that our products are "Made in the USA". We care a great deal about quality and we make sure that all of our garments are well made. We only produce in limited quantities so get them while they last!

Spring 2015 Photo shoot video

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