Apr 23, 2019 0

Want a Bold Color in your Room? Avoid these Faux Pas

A lot of house owners do not prefer using bold hues to paint the interiors of their houses, thanks to the numerous misconceptions. But people who aren’t afraid of ‘dark’ do not refrain themselves from experimenting when it comes to painting their luxury apartments with bold colours, be it deep blue or Venetian red.

Whether you want to start a bathroom painting project in your luxury apartment in Goregaon or you want to oomph up your dining area, you have a plethora of options to choose from. But the question surfaces, how to choose the right colour for the defined area? One can’t simply decide this by looking at the samples because the colour which looks all calm on the sample may look really intense when applied to the walls. Well, to avoid such mis-happenings, you need to be a bit careful.

We have compiled you a list of common mistakes to avoid while experimenting with bold paints at your home. Have a look:

1. Avoid choosing the shade by looking at a paint chip: When it comes to choosing the perfect bold shade for your house, you just can’t finalize it by looking at the normal paint chip. This is because these paint chips don’t tell you how exactly the colour will look once your walls get painted with it. To avoid this, you must check the colour in the natural light. The same can be followed by putting up the samples of your selected shades (preferably 3-4) on the four walls of your bedroom or drawing room. Now you can decide which one to paint your house with. All in all, without trying the shade on your walls in natural light, you won’t be able to select the perfect paint.

2. Don’t be too loud : Another mistake which people generally make while painting their house in bold colours is they paint the entire space with different bold colours which gives a very garish impression. For instance, if you are painting one wall of your bedroom with scarlet red colour, it is not very practical(both aesthetically and functionally) to paint the other wall of your room with the deep shade of blue as it reduces the overall effect. To make it better, choose only one dark shade per room and complement it with the lighter ones. This will enthuse the much-needed elegance in your room.

3. Don’t forget other things in your room: We understand that whenever you are experimenting, you want to do what all your heart desires. But this practice is quite problematic when it comes to painting your house with bold, dark shades. This is because you can’t ignore the flooring and other materials present in your room as they profoundly interact with the colour. If you don’t consider them while choosing the paint, you will end up making mistakes which can’t be undone later. So it’s better to comprehend your room well before painting it.

Whether it’s your 2BHK Goregaon apartment Mumbai or 3BHK flat in Thane, you can add the much- needed drama and glamour to your apartment by painting it with bold shades. Moreover, by following the aforementioned tips and tricks, you will surely get the perfect results.